When I test my registration, I get warnings saying I do not meet prerequisites…but I do!

With worklists, you can “test” your registration prior to your registration date/time. Many courses will have prerequisites and say “Restricted” on the UBC Course Schedule. Just because it says “restricted”, it doesn’t mean it is restricted to you – it means there isĀ a restriction to the course. It’s up to the student to check if they meet the restriction(s) and/or prerequisites or not.

test registration screenshot


In the example above, the student is receiving a warning that says they do not meet the prerequisite(s) for the course. Generally, it’s simply just a warning to remind students to check that they are indeed eligible for the course. If you are, you can ignore the error – when your date/time opens, you should be able to register yourself into the course, seats permitting. There is no need to contact the faculty or department advisor regarding registration, despite the error message above.

However, if you do not meet the course restrictions/prerequisites and the warning pops up, you will not be able to register yourself into the course.

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