M.Ed. with focus on Education for Sustainability (ESSE) Info Sessions: Jan 12 & 14, 2016

M.Ed. in Educational Studies:  focus on Education for Sustainability (ESSE)

An innovative program will engage participants in real-world projects enmeshed in questions of learning and scholarship.
In partnership with: CityStudio



This partnership UBC program features an Adaptive Education model, which builds a pedagogical bridge that ties the project and classroom to the community. Participants will consult on, experiment with, and co-create solutions that address problems which come to light in the course of working with the City of Vancouver on sustainability priorities.

The unique structure of the program includes a body of advisers and experts that support classroom-based research projects and instructors who act as research designers in order to facilitate group projects with real-world outcomes. Participants will:

• develop a critical awareness of the concepts of education and sustainability, how they relate, and their implications;
• demonstrate their learning throughout the program, thereby increasing their employability;
• build their abilities to work with governments and other partners by collaborating with city staff on sustainability policies;
• embody the knowledge and skills associated with community building, political engagement, social movement participation, real-world research, design, dialogue, network building, and knowledge dissemination.

The program represents the view that at this time we need to experiment broadly and creatively in projects that can help achieve sustainability. Constant reform is critical in our major social institutions, like education, especially now as these entities attempt to collaborate with one another on new solutions for sustainability.

Students will experience an immersive and energetic environment as they work with City of Vancouver staff. In teams, they will consult on, create, and promote real-world solutions within the city and its built, outdoor, and natural environments.



TUESDAY, JANUARY 12 | CityStudio
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
CityStudio Vancouver
1800 Spyglass Pl, Vancouver

THURSDAY, JANUARY 14 | Vancouver School Board
44:30 – 6:00 pm
Vancouver School Board (room 106)
1580 West Broadway, Vancouver


February 12, 2016



Visit the program website for more information, or contact Linda Haftner (linda.haftner@ubc.ca).



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