2016-17 Agora Cafe Exec Positions | apply by Feb 26, 2016

Agora Cafe is hiring! We’re looking for managers to keep the Agora tradition going! We’re hiring for the following positions:
o Inventory
o Finance
o Human Resources
o Secretarial
o Food Safety
o Catering
o Web&Tech
o Brand & Development
o Prep Shift
o Social Coordinator
o Fundraising (NEW)

Exec descriptions can be found on our blog. Agora Cafe is a not-for-profit establishment, and as such, all exec positions are volunteer positions.

Being an exec a great opportunity to learn new skills, be a leader, build your resume and work with other passionate individuals on an exec team that feels like a family! To apply send your resume and cover letter to agora.gm@gmail.com by February 26. We will be conducting interviews on Saturday, February 27th from 10-4 and Tuesday, March 1st from 4-8. Please make yourself available on one of these days. You can indicate your availability when you submit your application. Please note, you cannot apply for more than 3 positions!

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