Sexism, Racism, and Speciesism: Intersecting Oppressions | Apr 1, 2016

Social justice, animal justice and environmental justice are intimately connected and we should no longer treat them as separate issues. Speaking from an eco-feminist perspective, Élise Desaulniers will demonstrate why our relationship with non-human animals is at the core of our struggle against many forms of human oppression. She will offer suggestions to support the development of an animal rights movement that acts in solidarity with other progressive and environmental movements. Finally, she will raise some questions about the role of women in the animalist movement. 

April 1, 2016


MCML 258

Élise Desaulniers is an independent scholar and animal rights activist based in Montréal, Québec. She is the author of three books on food ethics, animal agriculture and veganism. Her book Cash Cow: Ten Myths About the Dairy Industry was translated and published in English by Lantern Books in 2015. She co-authored two articles in the Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics (Springer 2014) and won the Quebec Grand Prize for independent journalism (opinion) for a piece on feminism and anti-speciesism in 2015. She frequently speaks in colleges, universities, and community events.

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