2015/16 Graduate Composite – extended to Mar 30, 2016

To all undergraduate students graduating in Nov 2015 or May 2016, make sure to book your Artona photo session! Specifically for LFS Faculty, we have a period from Feb 1st to Mar 16th, 2016 that has been left for LFS students to book a session, but you are able to book your session now.

You have now until March 16th, 2016 March 30th, 2016 (extended!) to be included on the May 2016 composite.

Book online at http://ubc-lfs.artona.timetrade.com

Your session includes various business, formal, and grad portraits. Please see PDF for more details.

Important note:

When you sign in at Artona there are 4 programs under LFS:

Applied Biology,

Food, Nutrition, and Health,

Global Resources Systems,


Please make sure you scroll and find the right program based on your major you will be graduating with. This is so Artona will give you the right colour for your graduation outfit and that you will be put on the grad composite.

Questions? Check out Artona’s faq site, or email them at csr@artonagroup.com. They can also be phoned at 604.872.7272 and are open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

Artona grad composite Land and Food Systems 2015-16

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