How many courses should I take this year?

That decision is up to you as it depends on the student. Decide on your optimum course load. How many courses do you want to take each term? Are you working? Volunteering? Most students take 9-15 credits per term. Keep this in mind when planning your course load.

Please make sure you meet the minimum credit requirements for:

  1. On campus student housing (residence)
  2. Maintaining your eligibility for any current or future scholarships, funding and/or student loans. (Please refer to your ESP for more information).
  3. Immigration (study permit requirements)

Our faculty does not have a definition for “full-time” or “part-time” status, as we do not require students to take a minimum number of courses per year i.e. if you want to take 1 course per term, that’s fine! It will just take you longer to complete your degree 😉 but again, ensure you are meeting the minimum credit requirements for other student stuff like housing or funding.

You may wish to defer some electives or courses that are traditionally offered in summer sessions the following summer. Please be aware of course prerequisites (ensure you are meeting them or going through your courses in a general sequential order) and advancement requirements for the following year – there may be some courses that are best taken in the Winter Session and not deferred to the summer! 

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