BIOL 200 Registration

BIOL 200 is a course needed by many students and can be challenging to register into.

How to Get a Seat in BIOL 200

  1. To begin, you must register in BIOL200-000 (aka the primary section). You cannot access any of the other components of the course (lectures, lecture waitlists or tutorials) until you get a seat in the 000 section.
    • If you cannot, you should try again in the afternoon and again the following day – during registration, each morning and each afternoon, more seats will be released until all seats are occupied.
    • Once the 000 section is full, it will be blocked, and a waitlist for 000 will be opened. Its number is BIOL200-0w0 and you should register for the waitlist.
    • Biology never registers more students in 000 than they have seats for in lecture/ tutorial. Lecture and tutorial sections sometimes look like they have seats because students who are already in 000 have not completed their registration.
  2. Anyone registering for BIOL200 with any kind of transfer credit, or an equivalency that is not listed in the course calendar, will receive a notification that they do not have the pre-requisites. If you are sure you have the pre-requisites, please disregard that message.
    • The registration system is not able to assess non-traditional credits, so it may send you a notification in error; however, Biology has set up the course so that the system cannot block you from registering in BIOL200 for that reason. If you are blocked from registration, it will be because the course is full/blocked, you are trying to register in a lecture/ tutorial without being registered in 000, or there is some kind of conflict in your timetable. Please read your warning message carefully and completely, and look to see if the 0w0 waitlist has been opened.
  3. Biology works really hard to help everyone get where they want to be in BIOL200, but sometimes it takes a while. Registration in BIOL200 continues to change (sometimes dramatically) right up to the add/drop deadline in September, so even if it’s challenging at first, please keep trying! Patience and perseverance generally pay off with BIOL200.
  4. We post regular updates on registration. Please check there first. If you still have questions, email Dr. Robin Young, the BIOL200 Course Coordinator, at
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