U-HUB is a UBC student initiative focused on promoting sustainability and sharing throughout our community of students, faculty and local residents.

We have developed an app and strongly believe that it will be an invaluable tool for the entire community whether you are a student, professor or local resident of the UBC campus community. The U-HUB app can be used to share items for sale, rent or for free, such as clothes, books or furniture, users can also request such items as well. With U-HUB, users can also offer and/or obtain services such as, tutoring, maintenance, translating or cleaning.

U-HUB plans to connect all members of UBC’s campus community and we believe that through the sharing of goods and services we will become a more cohesive and sustainable community.

We are constantly looking for more like-minded people to join us in our mission, please get in touch with us through our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or directly via info@u-hub.ca or visit their website at www.u-hub.ca.

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