Team Skills

by liannemcradu ~ October 1st, 2010. Filed under: Insight.

I thoroughly enjoyed class 6, where we talked about team skills that we will be applying to our group projects throughout the rest of this coarse. The team skills we will be developing throughout our next four years at Sauder are going to be extremely important to practice. We are being given the chance to start practicing them now in a fun, learning, and cooperative environment. In this class, we discuss how effective teams work together, how team engagement is important, how we need to brainstorm content together, and how to clean, edit, and bring the group project together. So far, I found our project team to be pretty efficient. We organized a dinner to get to know each other and figure out everyone’s role in the project. Everyone was cooperative and allowed each member to voice their opinions to the group. We set goals to have things done by a certain date, learned about everyone’s skills, and chose an editor that would pull everything together.

This class also made me think about the connections to the content we learn in OB. It has also made me think about my past experiences in my job, and how team skills could be better applied.

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