UBC Library has boosted its e-journal holdings, in response to students and researchers who have been asking for more extensive collections.

As a result, the Library has been busy adding e-journal backfiles for the past 18 months, resulting in more than 2,900 titles from well-known publishers that cover a wide range of disciplines.

Below are some of the highlights – thank you for your inquiries, and if you have other requests or questions about our electronic collections (which include journals, books and databases) please contact Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez at joanne.newyear-ramirez@ubc.ca.

E-journal additions

Annual Reviews (18 titles back to 1932)

BioOne.2 (61 titles)

Cambridge University Press (Journal of Fluid Mechanics Digital Archive 1956-1996)

Elsevier: Agriculture & Biology (118 titles); Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology (140 titles); Cell Press  (six titles back to 1974); Chemistry (104 titles); Environmental Sciences (88 titles); Immunology & Microbiology (73 titles); Lancet (back to 1823); Neuroscience  (80 titles back to 1974); Medicine & Dentistry (341 titles back to 1907)

Chronicle of Higher Education

Emerald press (120 titles back to 1994)

JAMA (1983) and nine archive journals (1925)

Lippincott Definitive Collection (312 titles back to 1916)

Nature (1869)

Psychiatry Legacy Collection (six titles from American Psychiatric Publishing to as early as 1844)

Oxford University Press (55 titles back to 1878)

Sage Deep backfile (445 titles)

Springer Journal Archive (926 titles back to as early as 1873)

Wiley (Angewandte Chemie International Edition 1962-1997)

Thieme Medical Publisher: Medical Archive (23 titles back to 1953); Synlett (1989-2008); Synthesis (1969-2008)

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