From Test Tube to Table: Bridging the Gap between Life Sciences and Politics

November 23, 2016

LSI, 2350 Health Sciences Mall


“From Test Tube to Table”, the second Bridging the Gap between Life Sciences and Politics Conference at UBC, invites students, scientists and interested members of the general public to debate factors that influence research directions and outcomes in the life sciences. With an emphasis on genetic engineering technologies, we will examine how novel scientific breakthroughs find their way from the test tube into the political debate and ultimately in our homes. The event aims to bridge the gap between science and politics by providing attendees with an insight on science policies, debating the complex factors behind the topic, and equipping them with a more advanced understanding. It strives to engage young scientists in politics, science policy making, and science communication.

The overall framework of the event is composed of a series of workshops, each conducted by an expert in a particular field, and a panel discussion followed by a networking reception.


This student-led conference, organized by MIGSS (Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Student Society) and supported by ECOSCOPE, will bring together leading scientists, policy experts, socioeconomic intellectuals, and entrepreneurs to discuss the interactions between life sciences, policy and the public.