No more U-Pass?!

Everyone, even non-commuters like me, must know what it’s like to just flash our not-very-flashy U-Pass cards when we get on a bus.

Angeli has just sent me into a panic by saying that if fewer than 4505 students vote to increase our fees by a minimal charge of $1.75, the U-Pass will stop completely. Um. No. Bad plan. Not only I, but about a billion other students, need to commute next year. Even non-commuters want to get off-campus every now and then.

Now I am frantically trying to work out where and how to be one of those 4505 students who vote. 4506, just to be on the safe side. And for the sake of your fellow students, you should vote as well, if only out of pure compassion.

Or consider this: without the U-Pass, a single day’s ticket of $2.25 will be more than this incremental charge. $190 a year is easily covered by 84 trips. If you actually think about how useful and quick it is to have the U-Pass, it’s just nicer to have one than none at all.

P.S. For those of you who are staying in rez and don’t go out often enough to need a U-Pass, may I just point out that it’s possible to opt out. So, even if it’s cheaper to opt out, vote for the possibility of having one anyway! It’s better than having no choice at all, and every student wins.

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