Herstmonceux Textbooks

For those people who talk to me through more than one avenue (i.e. beyond this blog), I pity you for listening to this for the millionth time, but I am just so ecstatic about it!

So if we take the conversion rate to be about $2 to £1, you can do some simple maths for yourself:

Original price of my economics textbook: ~£47.80 (I forget the amount of pence)
Second-hand price: £5.00

It’s not even marked; the only sign of it being a second-hand book is that its cover is creased in several places but it is still flat. Now I wish the UBC Bookstore gave deals like that!

Besides raving about the Castle here, the other fun thing to do over summer is to plan out what kinds of activities I want to get involved with next year, now that I have my perfect schedule sorted out. (I’ll be very surprised if I get into all the classes I want, but am hoping so regardless and am refreshing my SSC page crossly to find out my registration date!)

Unfortunately, I can’t share the exact details of what I’m going to do as my plans involve world domination on a microcosmic scale. In coded form, they look like this:

– Go about learning the tricks of the trade in order to prepare self for position of authority.
– Introduce preliminary reforms to ready the populace for later, more drastic ones.
– Create a marketable image, gain people’s trust, be voted into power and then take the rest for myself.
– Be the grey blur who delivers results and works her way up into power.

Okay, poli sci and history buffs, you should enjoy working out which point corresponds to which infamous dictator, particularly the last one. It is the unfortunate truth that all my knowledge about government revolves around one-party states and I am ignorant of any other methods regarding political opposition.

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