Terry talks: Good for Breaks

I missed the Terry talks last year but have just spent the last several hours watching them online here. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that UBC is producing some absolutely amazing students and should be rightfully proud of them. Whoever thought to video them and put them online is brilliant, just to let you know. Thank you, O Brilliant One.

Quite seriously, every one of these talks is well worth taking a break for: they are informative, insightful and thoughtful speeches that will leave you asking questions and considering all the new stuff you’ve just heard of. Can’t pick a favourite, I like them all that much. What a way to take a twenty-minute break without feeling like you’ve just wasted time!

Unless, like me, you have no self-control in the presence of inspiration, and end up watching all of them in one go, in which case it may be better to save them for after exams.

And now I really should think about getting dinner…

P.S. If you scroll down to the very bottom of the Terry talks page, you’ll see a little smiley face at the bottom. It is very cute.

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