Things I Love Thursday

Hmm, I think I should try post more often so this blog isn’t clogged up with Thursday love posts.

On the other hand, even if all I only post on Thursdays, at least this blog will be one great bout of positivity!

Here goes this week:

♥ Thanksgiving last weekend was lovely. It’s the first year I’ve actually celebrated (was sick the first two years, don’t remember last year, so was probably sick then too), and I did so—twice. Once on Sunday with a giant potluck, and once on Monday with a few friends and a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cheesy speeches—the works!

♥ I made stuffing for the first time on Monday, and it turned out well.

♥ On Saturday, three friends of mine in Toronto and Hong Kong and I had a Skype baking session. That’s right: each of us had our webcams on and were baking our own things in front of them. I made a marble cheesecake that wasn’t so marbled in the end, but fine taste-wise. I think we are awesome, and that virtual baking dates should be the norm.

♥ I discovered the ballroom in Marine Drive today. Not only does it have a piano, it has absolutely breathtaking views. I can imagine having a fantastic party there!

♥ Speaking of views, I had one to carve into memory today: the half-moon and the sunset meeting each other over the sea outside my window. My camera couldn’t capture the blending of pink and blue horizon, because it was too bright, but I will try my best to remember it always.

♥ I’m super excited to be going to San Jose this weekend to visit a friend there! The funniest part of the whole affair is that I didn’t realise San Francisco is right next to San Jose until she told me, so now I’m doubly excited.

♥ For those of you who have not yet heard the magic of Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider, their Michael Jackson medley is one of my favourite videos of theirs:


No, that is not an optical illusion. Those really are six singing Sams and one beatboxing Kurt.

Do also check out their versions of Glee’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’, and their original ‘Don’t Want an Ending’. You can also find them on iTunes!

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