Things I Love Thursday

I missed last week’s Things I Love Thursday because I was so overwhelmed by my life.

This week, I am even more overwhelmed, sickly and depressed, and therefore in greater need of positive thinking. So here we go!

♥ I love the foccaccia bagels from Bernoulli’s in the SUB. When I say love, I mean love. What I need in my life is a large, large loaf of foccaccia bread.

♥ One of my friends is having a sleepover in my room tonight!

♥ I talked to a professor today about potential ideas for my thesis next term and have more material to look up.

♥ The sun came out for a while yesterday! That made the autumn leaves so much more beautiful.

♥ My colouring book arrived! I now have very many fairies to colour in when I’m stressed.

♥ I’m going home tomorrow and am planning on watching Aftershock (唐山大地震). People have been telling me that I’ll be sure to cry, which I certainly hope to do—I think it’ll be very cathartic.

♥ I love doing crosswords, especially with friends.

♥ Sarah McLachlan’s original video for ‘World on Fire’ is my favourite music video of all time so far. Despite some questions it raises for me in the back of my mind, overall, it still gives me an anchor of happiness:


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