30. Go go-karting


Well, that’s actually not too hard, as my title gives it away. My brother and I finally made use of our LivingSocial coupons for two races at TBC Indoor Racing, and brought our dad along for a bonding experience.

When I look at my Day Zero list now, it’s blatantly obvious to me that I wrote this item down before I started learning how to drive.

At first I was excited for go-karting.

Then I watched the safety video and started stressing because it reminded me of my biggest fear when driving: that I’ll crash into other people. (Also why driving is truly one of the most upsetting activities I’ve ever had to do.)

I also got stuck when making a U-turn in the same spot twice, because hey, I still don’t know how to turn properly, but after the staff member assisting me out of my personal Bermuda told me to ‘Turn harder’, that’s what I did — and was fine thereafter.

Oh yes, I took some 50-odd seconds to make it around a lap when other people made it in 35, but whatever. I beat my personal best of not crashing in the second race. Woohoo!

Baby steps are key to a happy mindset. ♥

In the afternoon, I also brought my mother to watch The Nutcracker as put on by Alberta Ballet at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this season. (Activity not in blog post title!) It’s quite a splendid and sparkling production, so do go if this kind of thing interests you!

All in all a pretty lovely way of wrapping up my year, eh?

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