57. Go whale-watching

Holidaying in Hawai’i with the family was awesome on so many levels, not least because I got to tick another item off my Day Zero list. Although I always envisioned going whale-watching in Vancouver, this was definitely a very acceptable change of plans.

top deck of whale-watching boat

According to our on-board naturalist, humpback whales go down from Alaska to breed in warmer Hawaiian waters from December to April. Although we wandered the decks diligently for some time, we slowly concluded that we weren’t going to see any whales this early on in the season.

Just when my family and I’d given up, though, the naturalist caught sight of a mother humpback whale and her calf.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any pictures as they were a fair distance from us, and it was hard to time a shot, but I did get to see them blow spray and the baby’s beautiful tail came up a couple of times.

I think I would love to go whale-watching again, but the sobering sight of this plastic bag in the middle of Pacific blue has got me wondering about the ethics and environmental impact of this activity. Did I just help to make the world a little better or worse?

plastic bag in the Pacific ocean

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