Things I Love Thursday

Every Thursday, I like to post a list of things I’ve been loving lately, as started by Gala Darling. It’s an exercise in cultivating happiness that I enjoy doing.

♥ My brother gave me the complete set of Fawlty Towers DVDs (one of my favourite series!) and a new iPod Touch for my (very early) birthday present! I am spoiled.

♥ Favourite applications so far: WhatsApp and Words with Friends. It is amazing to be able to connect with friends in Hong Kong again.

♥ My tortillas de patatas are getting increasing excellent.

♥ Notebooks, the paper kind. I like to think by writing and have an assortment of notebooks I’ve journalled in over the years. My current one is black with multi-coloured peace signs all over it.

♥ The glorious black sesame gelato from Bella Gelataria — heck, I’ll warrant that any of their flavours are glorious! A friend brought me there for the first time this week and I cannot wait for summer to come and to try their gelato frappes.

♥ Meeting a friend’s adorable furball of a tiny Pomeranian who was all excitement and delight to see so many people to play with.

♥ This isn’t the best quality, but one of my favourite music videos is ‘WINDING ROAD’ by ayaka and Kobukuro. I love it when people are passionate.

♥ Speaking of passion, this has got to be the best cake a six-year-old Angry Birds fan could get:


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