Updated Student Services homepage

Taking a quick break from slogging through my checklist of to-do this week to point out that the UBC Student Services homepage has been updated with new material. I’m particularly proud of these as I spent a lot of time looking for what I hope are the most relevant links and resources for students at this time of year — let me know if they are! If you have any suggestions for some useful webpages (under the Student Services umbrella) you’d like to see for the May 1st update, leave a comment here as well.

An interesting event coming up this week (which I’m sadly not able to go): Stress-Less for Exam Success is offering free tai chi, meditation, yoga, and a goal-setting for exams workshop.

Stress-Less for Exam Success (Facebook event details)
Wednesday 6 April, 12 noon–3pm
Chapman Learning Commons, Irving K Barber Learning Centre
Official registration link

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