HealthLink BC

Did you know that BC residents can call 8-1-1 for non-emergency medical enquiries?

When you first call, you will need to give a brief summary of what you are calling about and who you would like to talk to: a registered nurse, a pharmacist, or a dietitian. Be prepared to give your BC CareCard number and other identifying information such as your name, phone and address.

I just rang them up for the first time regarding a minor injury I have that isn’t worth going to the doctor for unless it gets worse; the nurse I spoke to was very nice and gave me good advice on home treatments and symptoms to watch out for in case things do deteriorate.

HealthLink BC also has most of this information online. They have a really detailed ‘Check your symptoms’ quiz as well, that is a sight more reliable than reading people’s questions on Yahoo! Answers, for one.

Disclaimer: None of this is an actual replacement for going to a doctor. Use your common sense: if you’re in significant pain and/or are experiencing unusual symptoms, seek medical attention.

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