Things I Love Thursday

Every week, I write my list of things that have made me happy in the past week. This week I am particularly grateful for:

♥ Some of my friends who have been giving me the most valuable support for the past several months. This is my thank you for asking after me even when I say I’m fine.

♥ I am proud of myself for confronting one of my biggest fears in life this past weekend. I won.

♥ Getting a week off from work while my parents are here. It’s a much needed breather. (Thanks!)

♥ Pictures like this:

may your hope not be hidden

(Secret: Sometimes I write messages on fogged-up windows and in other places that no one is ever likely to look just in case someone happens to blow their breath on that particular pane of glass. I like to remind myself that beauty can be found in the unexpected, and it exists even when no one knows about it.)

♥ Finding a new warm spot where I can just curl up and read under the filtered sunlight.

♥ Music that gets you through the hard times and mundane days — Sara Bareilles’s ‘Let the Rain’ has been particularly good to me as of late.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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