Chugging along

road sign: hope, next right

The last time I asked for good songs by which to burn the midnight oil, a friend responded with the sage advice of using, a site dedicated to handcrafted internet radio playlists. Popular playlists at the moment include several lists for study music. I can’t believe no one’s ever mentioned this site to me before — many thanks for the suggestion! I’m following it well.

My brain, by the way, is sizzling in a thick layer of bacon fat. I’ve been wrestling with my thesis argument for an embarrassingly long time and I think I just might have pinned it down. It’s looking back at me from my latest five-page outline, anyway. (A completely different outline to the one I last talked about, by the way.) Theoretically, all I need to do is clean it up a bit, streamline my introduction and gather the last of my primary materials before I start writing for real on Thursday.

Honestly, I’m a little terrified that my ‘aha!’ moment of the argument finally coming together — that mystical moment everyone kept telling me about but which I thought was never going to happen — is going to turn around suddenly and shout, ‘HAHA, FOOLED YA, THAT ONE’S A DUD! YOU HAVEN’T CAUGHT ME YET, NA-NA-NEE-POO-POO!’

We’ll see what happens. I’m pretending to be the Little Engine that Could: I think I can I think I can I think I can…!

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