That is the sound of my excitement as I pull out a batch of glorious cupcakes smelling deliciously of strawberries. They taste fine, too, if my burnt tongue is anything to go by. As for moisture, the toothpick test proved they are downright perfect.

I’m going to kick myself if I mess up the frosting tomorrow morning, because these cupcakes deserve nothing but the best.

It’s my coworker’s birthday tomorrow, and she said her favourite fruit is strawberries. Since I don’t have a cake pan in residence (the lack of which I really ought to amend), it had to be strawberry and cinnamon cupcakes. This recipe is the second one I’m trying from Desserts for Breakfast, one of my favourite blogs for looking at food and wishing I were best friends with the author. Fingers crossed that my cupcakes will turn out okay, because I sure have no idea how to properly frost anything and have no equipment to help me. No pictures because this is one of those cases where it’s best not to ruin your dreams with a reality check.

Here endeth my entirely frivolous post. Yay!

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