Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday should really be People I Love Thursday this week. I’m still sick as a dog, but am improving enough to want to say a huge thank you to all the people who have and continue to prop me up through this evil bug.

I’ve been given food and medicine deliveries, including homemade, hand-strained chicken broth, cheesecake from Seattle, and chocolate for when I’m better. I’ve had my kitchen and washroom cleaned for me, received birthday balloons — several weeks early, I might add — and had friends pick up my U-Pass and return a library book for me when I just couldn’t move more than ten steps at a time. Best of all is having someone or another checking up on me everyday to see how I’m doing.

If I could go back to the girl I was five years ago (or even three), I’d tell her to stop panicking and promise that life in Canada is going to be just fine. More than that, even.

On another note, being sick does this strange thing to me where all I want to do is speak Chinese. For several days I only wanted to listen to Mandarin radio stations and watch Chinese TV. I rewatched 《老房有喜》which came out in my pre-teens. Oh, badly written TV, how I adore thee.

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