A day off

Exactly eight weeks after my last day off and the day I succumbed to my Epic Illness of 2012 (thus far), I finally ran downtown with Little Friend Ber to give ourselves a day of fun.

If you’d bumped into me as I flew towards the bus, you’d probably have heard my excitement: Who cares if it’s raining right now? I’m freeeeeee!

I should probably explain that I just submitted the bulk of my graduating essay to my supervisor this week and am currently waiting for the latest review before I edit it to submit the “first” official draft. As in, I am actually happy with my progress at the moment and can see the end in sight. Oh, yeah.

But who’s in a homework mood on the first free day in two months? Now that I’m able to walk and talk and eat as much as I want again, what better way to celebrate than with copious amounts of chocolate?

Chocolate fondue, ice cream, fruits and pastries

Chocolate fondue for two at Capstone Fondue

Capstone Tea & Fondue is located downtown on Robson and Broughton, with a noticeable green-and-white logo hanging outside. LFB and I have wanted to try this place for almost three years, but only just got around to it, thanks to a nifty Groupon purchase we acquired a few months ago.

Capstone is immensely popular — the first time we tried to go, they were full up. This time, I reserved a table a week before for as soon as they opened (3 pm), and it was a good thing I did — not fifteen minutes after we arrived and sat down to order, the place was almost entirely full with a long line and growing.

The chocolate fondue was exactly what we wanted, with a nice selection of fruit (strawberries, pineapples, grapes, green apples and bananas), pastries (lemon loaf, banana loaf and some kind of cookie), and ice cream. The ice cream was a new, delightful experience for me, because I discovered that the chocolate actually does freeze around it.

Which obviously led us to play with our food:

Smiling ice cream

Look! The ice cream's smiling!

We are so grown up.

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