Possible minors

Going through papers and files stockpiled over the course of my UBC years, I found these notes on possible minors I considered a few years back. Some of these I’d never heard of until I started researching, so here’s some food for thought to those of you looking for less obvious choices:

  • Anthropology (can emphasise Archaeology)
  • Asian Languages and Culture
  • Canadian Studies
  • Critical Studies in Sexuality
  • Family Studies
  • Health and Society
  • International Relations
  • Migration and Globalization Studies
  • Religion, Literature and the Arts
  • Women’s and Gender Studies

A full list of options for Arts students can be read up through the UBC Calendar. I highly encourage you to take a look at them and consider the different possibilities even before you need to declare your specializations — I didn’t know of half of these minors until I had used a good deal of my electives to do a bunch of language courses and had run out of space and time. With a little earlier planning, I could probably have fit in a minor around the rest of my degree — while I loved the English Honours program, in the last two years I often found myself wishing I’d done a more interdisciplinary minor just to broaden my scope of understanding and to balance out a very specific focus.

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