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MY Milk. Mine, Mine, Mine.

So this morning I went into the lounge to get my four-litre bottle of milk, as usual, when what did I see? My four-litre bottle of milk on the counter — less of it — and no longer cool. Quite possibly it’d been sitting there overnight.

This makes me angry. Really angry. I don’t usually get angry, but this time I am.

Firstly, someone takes my milk without my permission. My floor is usually very good about not taking other people’s food and I had been telling other people who don’t live here this proudly for a long time now. Not so henceforth. While I have fed my friends with my milk on occasion, I am not at all willing to have people take it whenever they please. I paid for that, okay? I don’t earn my own money; my parents support me and they work damn hard. Go get your own milk — Hubbards is not that far away.

Secondly, I get my four-litre bottles of milk from Safeway. I am a little person. I lug this home. It takes me a lot of time and energy. I’m not doing it for anyone else.

Thirdly, you don’t take someone else’s milk and leave it out to possibly go bad. I paid for that. Are we getting the point? There’s a good litre of it left, and if it’s all bad, I’ll be in an even bigger rage than I already am. Today is not a day I want to be going down to Sasamat. It’s just completely inconsiderate and ridiculously bad manners.

To reiterate: my milk = my money = my parents’ money = my parents’ hard work and time.

This is why I would make a pathetically bad communist.

Thank you

To the kind person who picked up my student card and gave it to the Vanier front desk. I knew that falling into the habit of obsessively checking my mailbox would pay off one day.

I send good karma and happy thoughts your way.

Sliding back into the Vancouver routine

Happy New Year to anyone who reads my blog, and I hope you have a good one.

I’ve been having a pretty lovely break at home, but now I’m getting ready to go back to Vancouver and to all the problems associated with that, namely ordering course textbooks.

You’d think it would be cheaper to go to the UBC Bookstore — they have a practically guarenteed market. But no. They are notorious for overpricing everything they sell and underpaying for everything they buy back used. Buying and selling between students is usually a better deal. There is a used bookstore down in the Village which has better prices, but which don’t necessarily have all the books you need. That said, the Bookstore isn’t a hundred-percent reliable either.

Since more than one person recommended to me, I’m using that. There are also many booksellers on amazon who sell for even cheaper, depending on the book. (Shipping and customs costs usually make ordering from US booksellers redundant, in my case.) My mistake, however, is to be ordering too late: I ordered them the day I left. No. Order two months ahead. I’m watching my estimated delivery date be slowly pushed from latest December 24th to latest January 16th. Really not that bad, but last time I wanted something, they pushed it back two months. Hopefully this will not be repeated.

With that rant done, there are some pretty exciting things going on this term to look forward to: volunteering for a children’s literacy programme, the Student Leadership Conference next Saturday, the Trek Learning Exchange programme (signed up just to see for now), my classes — once I sort out the Linguistics/English problem — are all ones I like, and I want to reorganise the furniture in my room. I’ve been planning how it will look so much, I’ve even had dreams about it.

The Penalty Box

A friend just introduced me to the fascinating concept of the UBC Penalty Box. Apparently, we all have a quota of 5GB every 24 hours and if we exceed this, our internet for off-campus sites is much slower. Amazing! Some things suddenly make a lot of sense!

(And you should totally check that link out; it tells you how much of your quota you have used in the last 24 hours. I think this is very cool.)

Third time lucky

Guess who was in the shower when the fire alarm went off!

In online emoticon language, there is an expression that sums up my initial reaction perfectly: