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Let’s not meet Clocky

Things to do today: 1. Get up. 2. Survive. 3. Go back to bed.

Last week, I accused my upstairs neighbour of acquiring a Clocky alarm.

Following an unfortunate incident this morning that involved a wonky toaster being left unattended for longer then expected because I had trouble re-entering the building and the single piece of toast inside becoming decidedly coal-like, I would now like to retract my previous statement and conclude that my said upstairs neighbour probably also set off the smoke detector in their room and was running around in panicked attempts to get rid of all evidence before the fire alarm for the entire building went off.

Lesson learned: Never leave the toaster alone. Also, possibly get a new one.

Meet Clocky

Meet Clocky:


My coworker got one of these alarm clocks that wails incessantly and runs around on its wheels until you get out of bed and chase it to turn it off. The first time she used it, it ran under her bed and she had to move the bed to get to it. ‘My neighbours must hate me for moving furniture and cursing at six in the morning,’ she said, and I laughed.

I got back last night from a training retreat and discovered, this morning, that one of my neighbours — more accurately, the person living above me — also acquired a Clocky-style alarm over the weekend. Cue incessant high-pitched beeping that went on for quite a while, some thumping (presumably as it ran into walls and chairs were moved), and finally, the relief of silence.

Aggravation aside, my new neighbour may just be the push I need to start going to bed earlier and avoid waking up angry…

Retracing, Remaking

It’s been almost three years since I moved to Vancouver and started at UBC. After two years of living off-campus, I’ve taken the offer to live in Marine Drive in my last full year at school, and will be returning to residence life come September 1st.

This prospective move back on campus has got me reflecting upon all that has passed since first year; I feel like I’m retracing the steps of the past—with differences, of course.

When I first went to UBC, I attended the ASSIST—now Jump Start—international students orientation and stayed at Gage while we learned to familiarise ourselves with the campus. Back then, the campus felt So Big—walking from Gage to the Shoppers drugstore on campus was an adventure, and I was one of those people who had to stop at the Rec Centre to ask where the Student Union Building was (right next door). I remember one rainy night I got lost with another student on the way from International House to Gage, and thought, ‘I wonder when I’ll ever know all the shortcuts on this campus.’

In a few weeks, would be my answer to my first-year self. For anyone who’s going to UBC, there’s nothing like the Wayfinding at UBC site to help you wend your way around campus. Print off two of their maps and keep them on you at all times in separate places, so that you’ll still have something even if you lose one. Learn where the Student Union Building (commonly referred to as the SUB) is), so that you can also pick up another map from the Speakeasy Peer Support and Information desk on the north side of the ground floor if you manage to lose both of your own and have no idea how to get to your next class. Take the time to explore campus during your free hours, particularly in the first couple of weeks before school gets busy. You’ll find your favourite spots and routes before a month has passed.

On another note, I’ve decided to blog about my UBC experiences here instead of on my UBC blog because that one was getting far too many spam comments, and I was getting increasingly tired of sorting them out. In addition, has more themes and features than the UBC version, so it won me over.

I’m also probably going to be moving some of my projects (e.g. Day Zero, Resident Tourist) over from my other blog, as I want to give my blogs a tighter focus. I haven’t quite decided what the other one will look like, but this is definitely going to be my new place for living and studying in what I truly think is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

On April 19th

at 12:02 am, or thereabouts, we had a fire alarm.

I appeared in the commonsblock dressed in sweater, winter jacket and boots with a dripping umbrella in hand. The advantages of being awake at night.

At least it wasn’t a prank. The smell of burnt popcorn now permeates my floor.


I just got home to find a potted plant sitting outside my door. It’s now sitting on my windowsill emitting the most beautiful perfume. The flowers are this pretty purply-pink. I don’t quite know how to express how touched I am. You see, tuck-ins ended around Reading Week and I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get anything. (Tuck-ins: everyone who signs up gets someone they have to surprise.) It was okay, though, as they weren’t a huge thing, and I’d quite forgotten about them. But now I have flowers and a sweet message and I think that every time I’m worried or stressed out during this exam period, the scent will drift around me and I’ll remember how incredibly thoughtful people can be, and it will make me feel warm and fuzzy and so much better inside.

Thank you, for the lovely gift.