Meet Clocky

Meet Clocky:


My coworker got one of these alarm clocks that wails incessantly and runs around on its wheels until you get out of bed and chase it to turn it off. The first time she used it, it ran under her bed and she had to move the bed to get to it. ‘My neighbours must hate me for moving furniture and cursing at six in the morning,’ she said, and I laughed.

I got back last night from a training retreat and discovered, this morning, that one of my neighbours — more accurately, the person living above me — also acquired a Clocky-style alarm over the weekend. Cue incessant high-pitched beeping that went on for quite a while, some thumping (presumably as it ran into walls and chairs were moved), and finally, the relief of silence.

Aggravation aside, my new neighbour may just be the push I need to start going to bed earlier and avoid waking up angry…

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