Things I Love Thursday

Wall-E offering a clover

Life was too packed last week to write, but a sprinkling of some the things that have put a smile on my face lately:

♥ Running a successful training retreat last weekend where everything actually went smoothly.

♥ Getting hugs.

♥ Picking blackberries on the way to and from class.

♥ Receiving a (real!) four-leaf clover from a friend who knew I was having a particularly bad day.

♥ Hearing once in a while from someone who says I’m missed.

♥ Thank you cards.

OneRepublic’s ‘Say (A L’Infini)’ featuring Sheryfa Luna.

♥ This fabulous band I saw playing downtown a couple of weeks ago (Kutapira):


P.S. To those of you joining clubs this week, try joining the mailing list for clubs you aren’t sure about for now. Most of you are probably already doing this, but when I was young and fresh off the plane, I thought it a brilliant idea to pay the membership fees for nine clubs. I’m pretty sure I only ever really went to two or three of them.

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