AMS Minischool

This is the last Saturday night I will spend in the office, I swear. I’ve been saying this for the last four weeks, but the difference now is that I actually don’t have to. No more interviewing, preparation or training weekends until January. Hurray!

Instead, I will spend my time like a good student and actually attend to my studies. I’ll eat and sleep at regular hours and even make a little time to play. It’s really quite exciting.

Speaking of play, now that Rec Shopping Week and Clubs Days are over, the next thing to look at when asking, ‘What (else) can I do at UBC?’ is, of course, the AMS Minischool! Offering a range of non-academic classes such as wine tasting, pole dancing, sign language, guitar, magic, crochet, and First Aid and CPR, it’s pretty safe to say that there are enough courses to cater to many different people. Check it out if you’re still looking for something new to do this term.

I’ve already signed up for one course and am trying to control my urges to join another. The Chocolate 101 class looks so yummy…

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