Integrating Fashion with Coca-Cola

Reading the Brand Channel blog, what really caught my eye was a post on Diet Coke. Why? Because Karl Lagerfeld, a famous luxurious brand name designer (Chanel), has his image on the coke bottles!


Coca Cola has been a leading brand of beverages; however, they appear to aim for new approaches to attract a variety of consumers to buy their products. For example, people are more conscious of the fashion industry, which means that they are more aware of how they look and have the desire to be “skinny”. Consequently, many individuals try to set an unrealistic standard for themselves: to appear to have a model look. Moreover, according to Lagerfeld, he lost weight by strictly eating vegetables and drinking Diet Coke! Now with Karl Lagerfeld’s icon on their newly designed Coke bottles, Coca-Cola has a huge advantage in the market. With a fashion-oriented icon to represent Coca Cola, the brand can “upgrade their image to a more classy and sophisticated brand, which is co-branding. Firstly, their target consumers would be both the consumers that are “fashionable” and the drive to look “skinny” or is weight concerned. The bottles are skinnier, a whole new packaging design, to capture more audience and attract new consumers in a whole different look. By changing their classic red bottles to a classy looking pink and white bottle illustrates a more feminine approach to attract consumers who more self-conscience with their appearance. Not only did Coca-Cola increase their target market but by co-branding with Karl Lagerfeld, its brand maintains its quality and may have upgraded in a sense of “higher class”.