Why women don’t rise to the top of companies?

My  parents never wanted me to join a business school because they believed that women can never excel in companies. This always made me wonder what makes them think like this as in today’s world women have proved to be even more efficient than men. UC Davis College of Management‘s study shows that ratio of men in executive position to women is 10:1. America’s biggest companies hire women to full just over half of the professional jobs but only 28% reach the senior managerial posts, 14% enter the executive committees and just 3% of chief executive roles, according to McKinsey  & Company, a consultancy.

Several factors hold women back at work, the biggest obstacle is children. Even the most organised women find it hard to combine family responsibilities with the ultra-long working hours and the “anytime, anywhere” culture of senior corporate jobs. McKinsey study also revealed that 54% of the senior women executives surveyed were childless and single compared with 29% of the men . Is it ethical that women have to give up their private family life to succeed in her business career where as men can enjoy both? Could corporate culture should change so that women with families can also climb up the business ladder?


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