Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy

Louis Vuitton has been in the fashion industry for a very long time. It was known for its good quality and unique fashion sense. But as companies become more established they tend to increase their prices. The same is with Louis Vuitton now, it has become a long established brand and its products are priced insanely high although they’re designs are no longer very desirable. Louis Vuitton has become more of a status symbol. They’re marketing strategy has changed over time. Now their target is the rich society making it more of a status symbol than a company for general fashion conscious people of the society. The price they have for their products is only affordable by the rich class of the society. Someone wearing any product from Louis Vuitton is automatically considered rich. Rich people buy Louis Vuitton just to show off their wealth and to prove that they are rich because they can afford LV. Now the company has started producing products with huge logos on them and those are the ones that are sold the most because the LV logo is more visible which makes it easier to show off.

Many high-class brands such as Versace, Gucci, Armani etc. are all following the same marketing strategy but Louis Vuitton has extra ordinarily high prices as compared to its competitors and that’s the soul reason why it is high in demand. The bag in the picture above is worth $ 3550 which is definitely not how much it cost Louis Vuitton to make it. The 90% price of the bag is because of the brand name LV. This is a very successful marketing strategy because they have managed to increase their demands and make very high profits by charging a very high price as compared to the actual cost of the bag. There is class difference in the society already and Louis Vuitton is using that to its advantage.

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  6. The louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy is regularly adjusted and updated as the economic environment changes, new laws appear, and competition becomes more stronger.

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