Reflection comm 296

Marketing, the only business course that I thought was unnecessary and irrelevant. I thought marketing should be an arts course just because it’s easy and basic common sense. Advertising and sales are the only two things that came to my mind when I thought about marketing and I thought only creative people can do this, so why is it a business course? After taking commerce 296:intro to Marketing, my perception about marketing changed completely and now I believe that marketing is the most important field in the business world. Thanks to Prof. Rui and the marketing assignments that were an eye opener for me.

My team and I chose ‘TELUS’ for our marketing assignments. Assignment 3 was one of the most stressful assignments this semester; it occupied most of my time. It was the most challenging one because I have never worked on a video before and the process for making the video was very long and stressful. It was a long procedure but a very interesting one through which I learned a lot of new things that I know would help me a lot in my business career. I was lucky with my team because everybody was hardworking, which made this roller coaster ride a little bit smoother. I learned how to create videos, edit them and compile all the information in a way that shows its value to the viewer in the most organized way. I polished my skills on how to analyze a company and its marketing strategy, how to work in a team so that our skills are used in the best possible way. To wrap it up, I thoroughly enjoyed assignment 3 and learned a lot from it.

Introduction to marketing has made me realise how much i like and enjoy marketing. I was a typical business student who comes to business school to study accounting and finance because that is what business is all about. But this course changed my thought process and I might consider marketing as my major.

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