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As I step into the world of Dental Sciences, I’ll start off my first semester with technical writing & communication. Having to communicate with patients, caregivers, families and other health care professionals daily; both verbally, and non-verbally, I feel technical writing is something I must master sooner, rather than later. With all the writing knowledge I will take in from this course, I feel like I will be able to better provide for my patients. I am happy to learn and absorb the forthcoming information!

Over the next 12 weeks, my classmates and I will be participating in activities to strengthen three types of writing: business, professional, and technical. As someone who doesn’t get excited about writing, I am pleased this course will give me the opportunity to practice and perfect all types of writing, including shorter assignments, and longer projects.

My family isn’t full of professionals, so I haven’t had much coaching in the online platform of “Linkedin” – I look forward to developing my profile, recommendations, references, and professional resume, in unit 3. Within this same unit, we must revise and draft our ‘writing teams’ formal reports. As a professional, I feel that any criticism can be constructive, if taken properly. I look forward to getting to know my writing team, through ENG301; and as we continue our professional careers together, posing success through networking in the near future.

I’ve always had self-belief in my writing, even though I’ve never enjoyed it (I am a hands-on learner), and the opportunity to reflect on my writing, writing skills, is exciting to me. Self-editing my work, I believe, will be my downfall, because of this confidence. I don’t feel I am stubborn with my work, but I may find it difficult to find any mistakes, as I triple-check my work, each time.

Yours in oral care,

Meagan R.