Articles and Books

Most Important Contributions

  1. Kuramoto LK, Sobolev BG, Rosner J, Brasher PM, Azoulay L, Cragg JJ. A systematic, concept‐based method of developing the exposure measure for drug safety and effectiveness studies. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. 2021
  2. Sobolev B, Guy P, Sheehan KJ. Mortality effects of timing alternatives for hip fracture surgery. CMAJ 2018; 190 (31): E923-E932
  3. Sheehan KJ, Sobolev B, Guy P. Mortality by timing of hip fracture surgery: Factors and relationships at play. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 2017;99(20): e106.
  4. Sobolev B, Harel D, Vasilakis C, Levy A. Using the Statecharts paradigm for simulation of patient flow in surgical care. Health Care Management Science 2008; 11(1): 79-86.
  5. Sobolev BG, Levy AR, Kuramoto L, Hayden R, FitzGerald JM. Do longer delays for coronary artery bypass surgery contribute to preoperative mortality in less urgent patients? Medical Care 2006; 44(7): 680-6.
  6. Brown PM, Sobolev B, Zelt D. Selective management of abdominal aortic aneurysm smaller than 5.0 cm in a prospective sizing program with gender-specific analysis. Journal of Vascular Surgery 2003; 38(4):762-5.
  7. Sobolev B, Mercer D, Brown P, FitzGerald M, Jalink D, Shaw R. Risk of emergency admission while awaiting for elective cholecystectomy. Canadian Medical Association Journal 2003; 169(7): 662-5.


  1. Sobolev B, Kuramoto L. Analysis of Waiting-Time Data in Health Services Research. First edition. Springer 2008; 214 pages (ISBN: 0387764216) — over 8500 electronic copies downloaded.
  2. Sobolev B, Sanchez V, Kuramoto L. Health Care Evaluation Using Computer Simulation: Concepts, Methods and Applications. Springer 2012; 406 pages — over 12500 electronic copies downloaded.

Health Services Research series:

The series provides a comprehensive reference to all aspects of the field that welcomes various disciplines: medicine, public health, statistics, economics and management. Prof. Sobolev serves as Editor-in-Chief for this multi-volume series commissioned by Springer. The series contains a collection of tertiary literature that overviews established knowledge and provides access to accepted information in the field of health services research.

The volumes of the series, Medical Practice Variations  (over 11000 copies downloaded), Comparative Effectiveness Research  (over 18000 copies), Health Services Evaluation (over 7000 copies) have been published since 2016.