6) I had a privilege to present part of our AI research for Bay River College students; This is link to video (July 2021):


5) In collaboration with our colleagues at Ottawa University (Philippe Phan’ team) we suggested a new predictive model to predict probability of ambulation after spinal cord injury (2017):

Press release on Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s website:



4) In collaboration with ICORD researchers (UBC), we found that reusing catheters increases UTI risk following SCI. To read more, check out these links (2017):

Press release on UBC’s website:


Link to AAAS news:



3) Collaboration with Simon Fraser University (SFU) was featured as a short video and interview with them was published in the SFU big data website (2015):



2) Notable findings from part of my research have been reported by some news services including the ABC News and Reuters (ABC News, 2012):



1) In collaboration with my colleagues at Dalhousie University, following video was made for lay explanation of multi-state transition model (2010):