Province Backs down and Reinstates Provincial School Completion Certificate

Here is an example of grassroots organizing and political pressure that worked. Parent activists who suport inclusive education raised the alarms about this issue, followed with an online petion, and were able to keep the provincial school leaving certifica.

Background information from previous entry here

The provincial government released the following press release earlier today:

Ministry of Education ,2006EDU0016-000141, March 1, 2006


VICTORIA – The Province will continue issuing school completion certificates for students with special needs.

As part of the new graduation program, school districts assumed responsibility from the Province for issuing school completioncertificates. The new graduation program was developed after an extensive, provincewide consultation process.

However, many parents have indicated the provincial completion certificates are important to them and their children, so the ministry has decided to continue to issue the certificates.

School completion certificates recognize the accomplishments of students with special needs or other students who have succeeded in meeting goals of their educational program, other than graduation.

School boards will be developing the criteria students will have to meet before a certificate is issued, and will be required to make the criteria public. Once a school board has determined a student has met the criteria, the ministry will then issue a school completion certificate.



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