BCTF Conference on Accountability: parent workshop details, I

This BCTF sponsored conference examined the accountability mandate placed on BC’s public schools and its impact on learning, teaching, and the principles of public education. As part of this conference Anita Parhar and I developed a workshop on “what do parents want” with a particualr focus on minority and First Nations parents.

‘What parents want.’

This workshop explores the diverse expectations of parents as they advocate for their children within our public education system. Led by Charles Menzies (parent activist and UBC faculty member) and Anita Parhar (UBC doctoral candidate in Educational Studies) the workshop will emphasize the diversity of parent interests and experiences while paying particular attention to the concerns of First Nations and minority parents. Drawing upon the professional and personal experiences of the workshop facilitators and participants the goal of this session is to identify key parental expectations for BC’s public education system.

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At the conference two workshops were scheduled:

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