Student Centered leadership (or site-based management)

May 14, 2007 VIA EMAIL
Ref: 120350
Dear Superintendents:

I am writing to let you know that the Ministry of Education is looking for as many as six more school districts to join the . . . We are planning an information session (at Ministry expense) on June 7, 2007, for six new districts interested in signing on. The districts implementing SCL for the 2007/08 school year (No. 23, 47, 48, 60, 75 and 93) will share their results and answer questions about their experiences. The new districts will use the information session to decide whether to participate. The districts implementing SCL this fall will work with the new cohort of districts to help them plan for their implementation in the 2008/09 school year.

Each district selected to attend the June information session will need to bring a team that includes the Superintendent, the Secretary-Treasurer, a teacher, a trustee, a CUPE member, and a principal. For more information about the application process, please contact Tom Hierck, Project Director, by email ( or by telephone (250-812-2760).

The Ministry launched the SCL project pilot in 2006, inviting six districts to consider how they
might better align their decisions with the needs of supporting student achievement. In particular, they have been looking at ways to work collaboratively on allocating their education resources such as funds for buying books and supplies or hiring staff to better meet the specific local needs of their students, schools and local community.

The SCL model builds and draws on local leadership capacity and empowers school communities to collaborate on decision making. It will allow schools to reflect and focus on their unique local challenges, connect their resource allocations to educational goals, and increase local commitment to and ownership of the solutions. I hope you will consider joining us on June 7.

Sincerely yours,

Emery Dosdall, EdD
Deputy Minister

pc: Scott MacDonald, Executive Director, Learning Management Division
Tom Hierck, Project Director, Student Centred Leadership

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