BCCPAC and Minister Bond take issue with Queen Mary PAC

West-side parents not allowed to give away playground grant

VANCOUVER – A plan by west-side parents to donate a government grant for playground equipment to a needy east-side school has been rejected by the Education Ministry and the organization that distributed the cash.

The B.C. Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC), which awarded $1 million in provincial grants by holding an unusual lottery, has told Queen Mary parents to spend their $10,000 winnings on their own school playground or return the money so it can be reallocated to a runner-up.

One thought on “BCCPAC and Minister Bond take issue with Queen Mary PAC

  1. Isn’t this silly? BCCPAC has lost sight of what’s important in this “lottery.” The objective is to give a playground to a school who can’t afford it and yet a caveat is placed upon this being the school can only participate if they are members of BCCPAC. What’s more important kids or membership? BCCPAC has dropped the ball. Shirley Bond has dropped the ball. Shirley, what’s more important, making BCCPAC feel special or being responsible with our tax dollars? Go Patti Bacchus!

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