Does youthful activist have what it takes to be a trustee?

Young activist among COPE school board candidates

Some might wonder why a young man in the bloom of his youth would want to spend the next three years toiling away as a trustee on the school board.

But for 24-year-old Alvin Singh, nominated by COPE this past Sunday as a candidate for the board, it’s a no brainer.

“I don’t consider three years of being a school board trustee to be a waste of some of the best years of my life,” said Singh. “It’s really, really important actually. Especially now.”

Vancouver Secondary Teachers Endorse 8 candidates from COPE and Vision

The final endorsements of the secondary teachers is out -they went with a set of eight trustees: all five COPE candidates plus three of four Vision (Bacchus, Clement, Lombardi). Controversial school trustee Sharon Gregson was not endorsed: “guns and schools don’t mix,” said one observer at the general meeting. That’s a sentiment that I endorse.

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Sharon Gregson is also on the Vision Vancouver/COPE slate but not on the union’s list. Guthrie Warman explained: “The issue of Sharon Gregon is that teachers are very leary of someone who has a stated philosophy that everyone should be able to carry a concealed weapon. That is our only issue with her but when that story broke a couple of years ago, we had a great many calls in this office from teachers about our support of her in the last election.”