Support BC Teachers! UBC Faculty & Resident Support Picket

Provincial teachers are engaged in a struggle against the neo-liberal directions of the provincial government, a government that has been shown in court to be bargaining in bad faith and with the intent to provoke.  The struggle the teachers are waging is one that we too face in our own workplace.

Join in a show of support at the University Hill Secondary School this Friday, June 6th at 10 am for a solidarity picket.  We will gather at the south east corner of the round-a-bout at East Mall and 16th Avenue.

4 thoughts on “Support BC Teachers! UBC Faculty & Resident Support Picket

  1. The provincial government is trying to bully the teachers into a full scale strike.The teachers are right. Not like the dishonest government. Clarke is the one that has to go.She started all this mess.Pay the teacher and restore class size and composition, and quit all the crap.

  2. It is important to view our children’s education as a top priority. Teachers deserve our support. We all benefit when children are educated well–society as a whole is made up of people who spend years learning how to do a myriad of tasks, as well as (ideally) to think critically and to respect others. Students need wise human beings, not just computers and peers, to be their guides and mentors. They do not benefit from over-crowded classrooms with harassed teachers. The alternative is frightening! Let’s support our teachers, and at the same time our students.

  3. Thank you for this support! This is so incredibly touching and encouraging when there is so much anti-teacher invective out there. We desperately need support like this–BC public education needs support like this.

  4. In support of teachers, nurses, bus drivers and anyone else that has been forced back to work with reduced funds, and poor working conditions in bad faith from the government, I believe BC should go on strike…completely….union or no. It’s time to let the government know that bargaining in bad faith, legislating poor working conditions as “normal”, and going against what the people of BC want (aka…pipelines) is just not acceptable. I know I’m probably going to get flagged as anti-government for this, but seriously. You’re voted in…aka hired…to do what the people of BC tell you to do, and you go against your job description? If I did that, I’d be fired. The people of BC are not stupid, we are not sheep, we are not ignorant. Do it right, or we’ll find someone who will. Stop trying to swim upstream, relax and work with the flow of the people. Your job would be a lot easier if you worked WITH the people, not against them!

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