Dr Faustus

At the end of Dr. Faustus I didn’t feel sorry for him.

He had so many chances and warnings ,but he never listened.

Dr Faustus reminds me of Kreon in the way that he’s so focused on acquiring power that he shrugs off all of the signs towards a downfall. In the end he faces the same fate as Kreon in losing all of his power. Yet, Kreon you feel sorry for because he was honestly fighting for something he thought was beneficial, but Faustus fights completely out of greed.

I found it interesting at the beginning the way he decides on the dark arts. He goes through other disciplines that he could possibly go for and when he gets to religion he dismisses it using only justifications that put it in a negative light, he quotes only a section of religion that makes it seem negative while neglecting the positive side.

You can tell from the beginning he’s just not very smart……………


2 thoughts on “Dr Faustus

  1. Nice connection here between Faustus and Kreon! I hadn’t thought of that. Of course, Kreon actually seems to do something potentially useful with his power; Faustus gets it and then does…what? Silly things, apparently. Sure, he gets some fame, some recognition amongst rulers, but that’s it.

    So I agree that at least Kreon was trying to do something useful and something he believed in (even if wrong). Faustus is a pretty unsympathetic character, indeed.

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