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If you are reading this, then that means you were accepted into UBC faculty of Law; for this Law Revue congratulates you.  Get ready for an exciting year of reading, networking, fawning over your professors’ accomplishments, engaging in spirited yet entirely tangential debates at 9 am, more reading, developing a devastating caffeine addiction, and then some more reading on top of all that.  I know what you’re thinking, random 1L (this is your official moniker now; don’t panic). You’re thinking, “Goodness gracious, that all sounds mighty fine but I do wish there were some creative outlet for me to release some stress through law-related whimsy.”  Well, good news, neophytes!  There is a creative outlet for you to release some stress through law-related whimsy: it’s called Law Revue.

Law Revue is an annual variety show in March consisting entirely of student-written and -performed material (featuring the occasional professor appearance).  It historically consists of a variety of performances, including song parodies, staged skits, music videos and the occasional live dance number.  It is traditionally a celebration of the most gifted legal minds engaging in the lowest-brow humour fathomable. Also, we make Stu dress up in gold lamé track suits in front of his peers:

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? This means we are looking for talented people such as yourselves to submit scripts/songs, join in writing sessions, and form the cast of what can only be called the event of the year*.

But enough about you, talented future Law Revue contributor; let’s talk about us.  This year, UBC has the distinct pleasure of having Law Revue co-directed by a power triumvirate that, in the words of Associate Dean Goold, “makes Caesar, Pompey and Crassus look like a pack of beastly gibbering half-wits”*.  We three be:

Kat Green: whether it is producing a prodigious number of scripts when she should be panic studying or allowing herself to be covered in sharpie tattoos for the sake of a cheap sight gag, Kat’s commitment to Law Revue is undeniable.  The only 2L director, Kat more than compensates for her inexperience with her razor-sharp wit and her scorching cynicism, the likes of which have never been seen outside of a nursing home.

Patrick Walker: a veteran of Law Revue, Patrick has been responsible for writing some of the most hilarious skits in the last two years.  Not content to merely crank out genius behind the scenes ala Aaron Sorkin, Patrick has also been seen on the stage, acting out his grotesque creations. Known for putting his money where his mouth is and his mouth where the whisky is, Patrick is truly a creative force to be reckoned with.

Stuart DC: is by far the most talented and attractive of the three. He also writes the blog posts. [Editor’s note: …and wears the gold lamé track suits.]

So if you have any interest in being a part of the glory that is Law Revue, please sign up at clubs days in September. Even if you are not comfortable writing or performing, we are still looking for Bartenders, Ticket Takers, Patrick Wranglers, Film Editors, Costume Designers, Professional High-Fivers, Personal Assistants to Stu DC, Whipping Boys, and People Named Steve. We can’t say that there will be free beer in it for you, but we also won’t say that there will not be.

We look forward to seeing you all at clubs days, have an irreverent year!

The L.R. Triumvirate


*These claims are not substantiated by research, facts, nor are approved by the FDA; Law Students’ Society; The Governments of Canada; or any reasonable person, living or dead. If you’re going to sue any of us for libel, please make it Patrick.



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