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ETEC 540 – Text Technologies: ┬áThe Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing

We are students in the MET program at UBC and this blog is for our research project for ETEC 540 in Fall 2011.

Asssignment #3

Research, individually or in pairs, the implications for literacy and education of a particular development in technologies for writing before the computer (i.e., the shift from scroll to codex [paged book], the invention of the printing press–a list of possible topics is included in Module 3).

Write a composition based on your research in which you contextualize the technological development historically and culturally, and in which you suggest what implications this development may have had for literacy and education.

Our project on the origins of silent reading and the influence of punctuation combines two closely related suggested topics for the research project.

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Lynette Manton and Leonora Zefi

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