To enroll yourself or your children or youth is a Paper Bag Academy course, copy the prompts below into an email then send to the email address show in the image below. Have more than one learner you want to enroll? Please send a separate email for each learner.

Please call Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D. if you have questions (see image below for phone number).

Copy the following into your email.

  1. My — or my child’s/youth’s — full name:
  2. My — or my child’s/youth’s — age:
  3. My — or my child’s/youths — grade or post-secondary (highest level):
  4. My — or my child’s/youth’s — time zone and Province/State is:
  5. My — or my child’s/youth’s — preferred time for a Paper Bag Academy online class (choose as many times as your schedule permits): MORNING.   AFTERNOON.  EVENING.
  6. My — or my child’s/youth’s — required educational accommodations for neural diversities, different abilities, languages, etc.:
  7. My — my child’s/youth‘s — favourite subjects are:
  8. I am — my child/youth is — curious and love(s) thinking about:
  9. My — my child’s/youth‘s — current questions and wonderings are:
  10. I want — my child/youth wants — to learn this FIRST at the Paper Bag Academy:
  11. What other question should I (Dr. Jessica) have asked to better know about your or your child’s/youth’s learning needs and wishes?