To apply as a Paper Bag Academy Teacher and/or Subject Matter Expert, copy these prompts into an email then send to the address shown in the image below.

Please call Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, Ph.D. if you have questions (see phone number shown in the image below).

Copy the following into your email:

  1. My full name:
  2. I have these academic credentials and/or career experiences or life skill expertises:
  3. I can teach these subjects:
  4. I prefer to teach learners who are these ages (delete as applicable for you): Children, Youth, and Adults.
  5. I have experience teaching online. YES. NO.
  6. I am willing to co-host and train teachers in online classroom techniques. YES. NO.
  7. I will teach if I can be paired up with a co-teacher to help me with the online classroom.
  8. I have a current police records check and can send a photocopy (choose one) YES. NO.
  9. I have experience working with children, youth or adults who required accommodations for neural diversities, different abilities, languages, etc. (choose one) YES. NO.
  10. My preferred time for a Paper Bag Academy online class (choose as many times as your schedule permits): MORNING.   AFTERNOON.  EVENING.